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Are Your Relationships “Up in the Air?”

Are Your Relationships “Up in the Air?”

Have you seen George Clooney’s latest movie: Up in the Air?

I found it to be a very interesting view of the importance of relationships. Although, if you read the reviews on the link to the movie trailer, it seems that most people didn’t “get it!” Maybe because they are still too young to understand that going through life alone and showing the world one’s independent strenghts are not necessarily what brings joy to life.

George ClooneyIn the movie, Up in the Air, George Clooney plays the role of Ryan Bingham, a business man who spends his life flying from assignment to assignment. With a job that has him traveling around the country firing people, Ryan Bingham leads an empty life out of a suitcase, until his company does the unexpected: ground him.

Since he is on the go constantly, he does not make time to establish and nurture relationships. In his particular business, he does not need to – or want to – make strong attachments to others. He doesn’t spend much time in his office so he hasn’t even have developed strong relationships with his colleagues.

As for his family … Well, to him relationships are not important. In the end, he begins to understand what he has missed all the years he has been focused on accumulating “frequent flyer miles.” If you missed the point of the story, maybe you are also missing the importance of building strong relationships – both in your business and personal life!

Business is really about relationships. Networking is about building relationships. Managing people is about relationships. Leading is about relationships. Coaching and mentoring are about relationships. You see, it is all about developing and nurturing relationships.

In order to build strong relationships, you must be interested in others. Recognize the world does not revolve around you. Learn to engage others in conversations about them. Listen to what they are saying and connect with ways you can help them solve a problem or introduce them to a person or service they are seeking. When you reach out and others, you are building the keystones to successful relationships: Trust, Respect and Rapport.

Give it a try this month and see what happens in return. Here is the link to movie clip: 3 if you haven’t seen it yet. If you read the comments at the bottom of the link, see if you can relate to them or if you can see the bigger picture about life.

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