Accepting Our Differences: The Key to Success

Each of us is different. By learning how to interact with all behavioral styles more effectively, we can improve communication and reduce conflict. Once we understand behavioral styles, we can identify effective behaviors in various environments.

We can increase self awareness and self confidence in all aspects of life. We can interact with others in such a way as to encourage trust, respect and rapport.

Behavioral style is an outward expression of who we are. It is a distinct way of responding – acting and reacting – to life. Behavioral style indicates a tendency to act in a predictable way. It also helps us to identify our needs and how we are motivated by them.

Sherry G. Day, M.S., President & Chief Learning Officer of Executive Resources-Human Potential Consultants, L.C. based in Michigan, has worked with thousands of individuals to assist them in discovering the potential within oneself. Transforming individuals and organizations to maximize potential and execute intentions, Sherry works in one-on-one, team and classroom environments to help individuals to maximize their potential and develop their innate interpersonal skills to communicate and lead more effectively. © 2009

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