The Law of Becoming

The Law of Becoming states that each person is in a continual process of becoming or evolving in a direction of his dominant thoughts. As individuals we are in the process of living for tomorrow or dying for tomorrow. It is your choice!

Your negative thoughts or negative self-talk takes a little more out of your life each day. You must focus on the more positive aspects of life and dare to dream your dreams – then take the chance and execute.

Your life is what your thoughts make it. Your thoughts are the most powerful source in the universe. The Law of Concentration: Whatever you dwell upon continually grows into your reality. (Sounds somewhat like the Law of Attraction.) Get out of your own way!

Sherry G. Day, M.S., President & Chief Learning Officer of Executive Resources-Human Potential Consultants, L.C. based in Michigan, has worked with thousands of individuals to assist them in discovering the potential within oneself. Transforming individuals and organizations to maximize potential and execute intentions, Sherry works in one-on-one, team and classroom environments to help individuals to maximize their potential and develop their innate interpersonal skills to communicate and lead more effectively. © 2009

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