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Sherry Day, “The Success Strategist” and Transformational Coach,

regularly publishes articles on topics of Leadership, Inter-Personal Skills, Communication Skills, Team Building, Customer Service, Relationship Building and Success Strategies. To assist you in accessing these articles, Sherry has archived them here for you.

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What Makes Sherry Day an Expert Author?

Sherry_Day_Head_Shot_12-08Over the past twenty years, Sherry G. Day, M.S. has worked with thousands of individuals to assist them in discovering the potential within oneself.  Transforming individuals and organizations to maximize potential and execute intentions, Sherry works in one-on-one, team and classroom environments to help individuals develop their innate interpersonal skills to communicate more effectively. She uses self-discovery assessments, relationship strategies, team building and problem solving activities to guide people to reaching their highest level of success.

Her philosophy is:  Human Performance: When Personalities, Perspectives and Potential Intersect©. To help others understand themselves, she balances a mix of knowledge, attitude and skills to help individuals achieve their highest level of performance.  As a change manager, she works with organizations to strengthen their working environment by harnessing the power of the individual through empowerment of all employees. Sherry’s business mantra is “Transforming Individuals and Organizations to Maximize Potential and Execute Intentions.”

Sherry is experienced in executive and transformational coaching, performance consulting, facilitation, developing and delivering interactive training and development sessions, and training and certifying other trainers. She has experience in a number of industries including: professional services, automotive, manufacturing, health care, hospitality, real estate, architectural design and construction, non-profit and education both in the USA and abroad. Her own experience in business and as a business owner has given her a keen understanding of employee and employer issues.

ezine articles ribbon on blueSherry Day is certified in a number of programs and in numerous types of profiles, including DiSC.  Using learning instruments and assessment tools, she assists individuals in learning more about themselves and how to apply this knowledge to their interactions with others. She has participated in the concept of life-long learning since graduation from the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor, MI with both B.S. and M.S. Degrees.

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